Eco- friendly packaging to protect the subsea trees!

FMC post shrink wrap

We are delighted to be working with Dunfermline based, FMC Technologies as part of the Egina Total oil offshore project in Nigeria. To date FMC have supplied 2,000 subsea trees globally forming part of this three year project. The trees would previously have been packaged using materials including tarpaulin and wooden crates. Switching to INTERCEPT Technology shrink wrap offers a multitude of benefits that reduce the overall cost of the shipping and storage as well as protecting this big-ticket asset.

The trees each measure approximately 3.5 meters in length and wrapped in FMC’s assembly hall in Scotland before being transported on their lorry, boat, lorry journey to their final destination in Africa where they can be stored outside for up to two years. Exposure to extreme heat and weather variances, not to mention the risk of sea salt corrosion can wreak havoc. Protecting them in Intercept means that they are unpacked in as pristine condition as when they were first wrapped; there’s no need to re-oil or dispose of bulk waste packaging material. With a 5 year product guarantee, Intercept offers peace of mind to the whole of this supply chain.

Ideally suited for oil and gas projects where protection or long / short term storage is required, our on-site shrink wrap service offers the perfect solution to package awkward shaped objects. Simply unwrap and use!


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