Toorak boosts Siemens’ turbine engines

INTERCEPT woven bags

As you can imagine, we get involved in an eclectic mix of projects each to overcome a clients’ specific key needs, be they cost reduction, product protection or both. Siemens enlisted our help to protect their turbine engines as part of their long journey around the globe.

As a packaging solutions expert we rose to this challenge, and designed a number of bespoke woven bags, each crafted to cater for the differing engine shape and size. Manufactured using Intercept Technology, renowned for its anti-corrosion, anti -rust and oil free properties, each bag featured a zip for ease of access and a transparent window in order that the date plate could be viewed by customs.

The woven bags carry a 5 year warranty and can be reused time and again. The material properties negate the need for re-oiling, and the contents protected even in extreme temperature fluctuations from -35 to +80°C.

To date the bags have been reused for over a year protecting the engines and bringing undoubtable cost saving and environmental benefits to Siemens.


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