Toorak train ‘top gear’ car manufacturer

INTERCEPT 100um bags

Last month saw the Toorak Team visit one of the world’s top ten car manufacturers. Based in Daventry we met with their onsite packaging team to share our knowledge and educate them in how to effectively use one of our products, the static INTERCEPT 100um bags. Their bags are manufactured in both flat form and with gusseted options using Intercept film. This unique product provides anti -corrosion protection and eliminates ESD damage making them ideal for the transport and long term storage of the manufacturer’s components which in this case included camshafts, con-rods and fully assembled car engines.

INTERCEPT has been proven to offer up to 15 years anti- corrosion protection and will abolish this client’s defect rate meaning that fewer components are disguarded due to damage caused by rust.

INTERCEPT’s oil free properties negates the need for cleaning and make it the product of choice for many automotive companies including Ford, VW and Audi all wishing to protect, store or ship products including disc brakes, gear boxes or full assembled engines.


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